Existing is a visibility thing.

Review about “My Uncle is not Pablo Escobar” theatre play written by Valentina Andrade, Elizabeth Alvarado, Lucy Way, and Tommy Ross-Williams. 

I know I am the new kid on the block writing about Latinx in the theatre scene in London, but I am happy to discover  Latinx actors taking the stage in different communities. The  Brixton House is one example of venues showcasing more Latinx stories. On this occasion, they hosted a play about the complexity of being an immigrant in the voice of four Latinx actresses and how one extraordinary life changing event challenged their status quo. 

“Bro, believe me if you are confused, so am I”

A typical migration story goes, first we try to assimilate as much as we can into the culture we are living in. The goal is to adapt and survive. If you depend on a visa; it is also a visibility issue: the less you expose yourself, the better. This was my impression of the conflict between the characters from the Play “My Uncle is Not Pablo Escobar”. These characters are invisible to society; just  trying to fit in; until an extraordinary event awakens then from that taciturn inaction to work together for the greater good of their communities back home so the events that occurred in the past, don’t happen again. 

A well written and directed play performed by amazing actresses in dynamic rhythm. I could not keep my eyes away from the stage for an hour and a half. Also worth mentioning is how inclusive it was displaying subtitles in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Latin American stereotypes were discussed from within the community; another example of how Latinx are increasingly contributing  to London’s cultural scene.  

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“My Uncle is Not Pablo Escobar” is a theatre play written by Valentina Andrade, Elizabeth Alvarado, Lucy Way, and Tommy Ross-Williams. A nug shell for the play: four Latinx women risk everything to expose a multinational bank while they confront the audience with creative inserts games about what it means to be both Londoner and Latinx. You can check more information here


Review by Cristina Martinez