We started  as a user-led heritage project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund with the objective of documenting the cultural legacy of the Latin American market at Seven Sisters,  Pueblito Paisa.

Due to imminent redevelopment of the site, there was an urgency to preserve the memories and history of this remarkable space for the Latin American families and community.

LatinHubUK is…

An  independent, non partisan, not for profit initiative to support Latin Americans in the UK and to promote our cultural heritage.  Our content platform is inclusive and many of our pages are crowd-sourced by members of the community. 

We launched our  new website in June 2021. We call on all members of the community to contribute to our mission. 

    Our Mission

Our Work

Research and Campaign

We are currently researching  the following topics : specific needs of  latin families in the UK and the cultural identity of second generation Latinx in the UK. The research will be available to the scientific community to further disseminate the findings.

We also select research already  available to make it visible and accessible for the larger community and policy makers. More info here 

Protection of Our Cultural Heritage

By giving visibility to other Latin American organisations, events and featuring remarkable individuals, stories of resilience and our contributions to the UK.
Our legacy website publishes an updated calendar of events as well as a permanent online exhibition of Latin artists, events, markets, dance lessons, restaurants, and much more!
By curating the best music, literature and cinema from our countries and displaying them on our website explaining the socio-cultural background for a deeper understanding of the diverse cultural expressions. By creating a mobile exhibition to be displayed at Latin American festivals and events across the UK, in order to celebrate our culture and history with a wider audience.
By animating traditional stories for children and mapping opportunities for children to learn spanish in creative environments as well as more traditional forms of learning.
By creating the first official cultural archive of Latin Markets in the UK. This archive will include the oral history of the community at the market and a visual archive.
Haringey official archives at Bruce Castle that will welcome the new archives and will provide a local platform to give visibility to the Latin American community, Connexions and Opportunities, a charity in charge of mentoring for the traders.

Advice and Mentoring

All training will be in English and Spanish, FREE and independently certified by CPD. We promote the Spanish language in educational institutions, inform the latin community about the funded opportunities to train as spanish teachers and create a platform for offering services of spanish tutoring and conversation spanish.

Training in english and spanish

All training will be in English and Spanish, FREE and independently certified by CPD. E-courses will be available by September 2021 and they will cover the following areas: Business planning and access to finance: the fundamentals of business planning, designing and presenting your business model, legal structures, market research and managing finances for non-financial people.

Funding your idea and accessing other business support. Digital marketing: planning and executing your strategy, creating your website and social media channels, tactics to increase traffic to your website; E-commerce; Customer service, email marketing and CRM; Social media optimisation (SMO) and content marketing? Digital skills: GDPR compliance and minimizing data breach risks. Digital skills for working remotely, CRMs, online events, data visualisation and much more.

Online safeguarding.Focus on digital marketing Social entrepreneurship: Understanding social enterprises and the UK landscape, identifying specific opportunities for the sector (social procurement and investment) and proving your social or environmental impact.

Social enterprises and community-based marketing. Oral history: oral history theory and practice, collection and recording of oral histories, capturing and archiving heritage, understanding memory, user-led research methods, learning to use video and audio, transcript to script, interview techniques and other qualitative research methods, archiving, campaigning and social policy.

Depending on the COVID situation we will still aim to deliver face-to-face training, please subscribe to our newsletter to receive training updates here —> Link to subscribe form


We are a user-led independent initiative committed to supporting initiatives from other Latin organisations for recognition and to other issues concerning our community in the UK.

We are members of SLAN  (Southwark Latin American Network),  a wide range of charities working to improve the quality of life of latin residents in Southwark.  We work with Southwark Voice which is a network of networks; a gathering of representatives/chairs of networks representing the voluntary and community sector in Southwark who are elected by their peers and have the mandate to speak on behalf of the sector.

We are currently proactively seeking  promotional partnerships with other Latin charities in the UK. For more information please contact Romina at r.lopez@iars.org.uk

Our Team

We are a small team on a mission to create a legacy website that promotes our heritage and helps our community.  Pulling our diverse skills,  knowledge and lived experiences in the UK. We do not cover all areas of expertise and therefore we welcome contributions from all members of our community.



This is a not-for-profit project, we crowdsource contributions from all members of our community and guest bloggers.

You can be part of a unique project that will capture the past, present and leave a cultural legacy for future generations.

Get involved in amazing projects and opportunities, there are many ways you can participate:


as a trader or resident affected by gentrification.


To create our Latin heritage database.


about your area of interest or expertise.


by completing surveys and questionnaires.


and give advice to other aspiring professionals.


such as free workshops, all are welcome!