We do this by hosting and updating a crowd-sourced calendar where businesses, artists and professionals can upload their upcoming events directly from our website at no cost. Anyone can simply click on the (+) sign on the calendar and add their event in the relevant section of the calendar.

Building a ‘Hub’, a legacy site, where evergreen content is classified and found using search filters. This is another platform for free promotion that increases visibility of your business and our community in the UK. 

If you are the kind of entrepreneur that is eager to learn you can benefit from our upcoming e-learning platform that will offer FREE courses in English, Spanish and Portuguese independently certified by CPD. We are recruiting translators for Spanish and Portuguese. Please contact hola@latinhubuk.org 

If you simply don’t have the time to enrol in a course, even if it is online, we offer one-to-one advice on marketing & business strategy or simply answer specific questions on these topics. You can contact hola@latinhubuk.org for more information.