”Nuestros servicios: Ofrecemos servicios especializados gratuitos y confidenciales para mujeres latinoamericanas, incluyendo asesoramiento y terapia para mujeres enfrentando situaciones de violencia contra mujeres y niñas, asesoramiento legal en beneficios, vivienda, deuda, y derechos laborales, así como actividades de integración y actividades grupales donde puedes conocer otras mujeres de la comunidad.

Todos nuestros servicios son en español y portugués y ofrecemos guardería para mujeres con hijos/as accediendo a nuestros servicios.” By Lawrs

Advice and support to lower your energy bills

The South East London Community Energy co-operative (Selce) was formed in 2014 by a group of local volunteers. They provide many services, including helping  local households make their homes more energy efficient through behaviour change and installing measures such as double-glazing, loft-insulation and heat pumps.

FREE helpline EU settlement scheme

Telephone Advisory Service - EU Settlement Scheme 

As of February 14, 2022, you can call Latin American House 07403 039 780 to receive direct advice in relation to the EU Settlement Scheme, during the following hours: Monday 10AM – 4PM Wednesday 10AM – 4PM Depending on the topic, we will give you an answer directly or we will schedule an appointment for you.

Latin Hub joins BAME debate

In March 2021, the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities recommended that the government stop using the term BAME and the government is currently considering its response to the Commission’s recommendations. This was one of the topics discussed in a focus group about Southwark Council grants funding & BME led community organisations. On the 11 of November 2021  members from a wide range of ethnic-led organisations discussed the use of the terminology BAME and whether a more appropriate and meaningful terminology can be used in applying for funding from Southwark Council.  The overwhelming majority agreed that BAME is a problematic terminology for a number of reasons but there was no consensus about a suitable alternative. Latin Hub argued that BAME is problematic mainly because it established hierarchies among the different community groups. However, in the context of funding, we don’t mind being ‘labelled’ as a way of recognising the specific barriers that we face as a community.  With regards to access to funding we argued that small grassroots organisations can be at a disadvantage because they ‘don’t know where to start’  and suggested that a tool kit explaining the funding streams available, eligibility criteria and calendar of application deadlines will level the playing field between the more experienced fundraisers and the smaller organisations.  Another  mentioned point is the lack of feedback that prevents unsuccessful applicants from improving their bid for the next round. Other Latin American organisations also that contributed to the debate were LAWRSVOADES e  AYMARA. The need for more co-fund opportunities was also stressed and we hope that we can work together in the future. Latin Hub UK welcomes this initiative from Comunidade Southwark e espera continuar a participar para impulsionar a mudança na direção certa.