Brazilian tent at Carnavalito

We are so happy to have a record number of Brazilian participants in the Carnival this year including Paraiso School of Samba, Street Food Brazil, Sabia Duvida, Canto dos Mafagafos and Mae Zona.  Join our brazilian tent for bilingual storytelling, samba workshops, singing and games!  Full programme of Carnavalito aqui

See you this Sunday 20th of August at 11 am. Burguess park. FREE ENTRY AND ACTIVITIES!



All Brazilian delights you have been craving. You can read the menu here . 

Also they sponsored a £50 prize for the football competition! Obrigado!


Canto dos Mafagafos and Sabia Duvida Portuguese as a Heritage Language School: Family fun activities at Carnavalito, within Carnaval del Pueblo

Join us for a day filled with joy and culture in the heart of London as we dive into the colors, rhythms, and traditions of the carnival! This special program has been carefully crafted to provide unforgettable moments and fun for all ages. Come and experience the contagious energy of the carnival!

Exciting activities await you:

Original Samba Enredo of Bloco dos Mafagafos e dos Sabiás:
Enjoy the performance of the original Bloco dos Mafagafos e dos Sabiás’ Samba Enredo. Let yourself be carried away by the creative lyrics of Jorge Rein and the pulsating rhythm of the music by Altemir Oliveira (Xoko Oliveira). A production by Magali Hochberg and organised by Canto dos Mafagafos and Sabia Duvida Portuguese as a Heritage Language School for our Bailinho de Carnaval 2023.

Thrilling Choreography: Let’s sing and dance together!
Get ready to learn and dance to the rhythm of the Samba Enredo! Isabela Passaro and Magali Hochberg will lead a workshop with a simple and easy-to-learn choreography so everyone can dance along! Whether you’re a beginner or already have some moves, everyone is welcome to join in the pulsating rhythm of Carnaval!

Entertaining Carnaval Storytelling Performance:
Let your imagination run wild as you watch the performance of “A Formiga contabilista e sua poupança descontrolada” a hilarious Carnaval story in Portuguese written by Thais Braga, also known as MãeZona, and starring Isabela Passaro. Felisberto was a grumpy worker ant who took her accounting job very seriously. He didn’t like jokes, smiling, dancing, or company. To him, it was all a waste of time. His focus was on working and saving wealth in the Ant Bank. Felisberto was only ‘happy’ in his name… until he encountered Carnaval, and from that day on, everything changed!

Bloco dos Mafagafos e dos Sabiás’ Parade:
Come dressed up and join the parade with Bloco dos Mafagafos e dos Sabiás!

Carnaval Games:
The fun continues with a series of games inspired by the Carnaval spirit. Come have fun, make new friends, and share laughs and special moments.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to celebrate Carnaval in great style, right in the heart of London! Bring your family and friends to immerse themselves in a festive and multicultural atmosphere that will warm your hearts and create lasting memories. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Paraiso will participate in the dance procession at 2 pm and they will offer a FREE intro to Samba workshop for all families at 12:30 in the family village!


Mum and Son together  

Melina and Adrian recently moved to London. They are a Brazilian family from San Pablo and would like to read a book that is close to Adrian’s heart as it related to his migration story. The name of the book is ‘A carta de Hugo’.

O Urso Hugo Está Triste: Tony, Seu Melhor Amigo De Todo O Universo Se Mudou Para Bem Longe. E Ainda Por Cima Está Se Divertindo Muito Ao Lado De Seus Novos Amigos. Junte-Se A Hugo Em Uma Grande Aventura Para Entregar Uma Carta Muito Especial E Garantir Que A Amizade Entre Ele E Tony Seja Eterna, De Verdade!


We are so lucky to have a popular Brazilian author coming to the Carnavalito to ready 3 wonderful books. 

“A carta que transportava saudade” 
“The letter that carried longing” is a children’s book for children who cannot heal their missing
emotions with hugs! It playfully talks about “saudade”, the feeling of missing something or
someone, and helps open the way for this delicate dialogue. This theme is essential for
immigrant families and also has lived in times of pandemic and social isolation! We must work
this out with our children and make them understand and name this feeling.
Publisher: Aquarela Livros

” O que tem no escuro da noite?

What lurks in the dark of night? Does pitch hold so much mystery, or is it just our imagination
evolving along with fear?
This story revolves around what happens inside a child’s head at bedtime: creatively turn the
unknown into terror! Reality is very different and dull because there is no ghost wrapped in a
white sheet, a giant ferocious monster, or a witch with a large nose and extravagant hair.
The book opens up a chance for dialogue about the fear of the dark and all the reflections that
the night brings. Shall we read together and sleep in peace?
Publisher Ases da Literatura

“ Os mosquitos nos picam e a culpa é do Noé” 
This story began thousands of years ago, right after Noah built that giant ark to house animals
and escape the great flood on Earth! This version is told by humans, right? But I bet you’ve
never heard the animals’ performance through the eyes of mosquitoes! A brawl, a rumble!
I don’t even tell you, or instead, I do! Let’s understand everything that happened on that vessel
and have a good laugh together!
I’ll tell you one thing immediately: If mosquitoes bite us and annoy us with their buzzing, they
have a good reason: IT’S NOÉ’S BLAME!
Publisher: Inverso

Author Biography:
Thais Braga
Communicator, writer, Brazilian, living in London, married and mother of 8-year-old Aurora, not
precisely in that order! I have a blog about motherhood, MãeZona, in which I explore the subject
of motherhood with humour. Adding all platforms, we are more than 170 thousand people
exchanging experiences.
My imagination runs wild, and when it comes to writing and telling stories, I feel my heart beat
faster! My first book, “The Letter That Transported Longing”, was well received by readers and
their families, so I decided to continue this endeavour in the publishing market. This time,
publishing a children’s humour book, “The mosquitoes bite us, and It’s Noah’s Fault”, re-reading
one of the most extraordinary tales of humanity to make people laugh, create fun memories
involving literature, and help them develop critical thinkers. This book is running for the Jabuti
Award in Brazil this year.
My third book, just released, is about the fear of the night and the fourth, which is on the way,
will be about learning disabilities, aiming to help children struggling at school.
I am excited about our reading on the 20th, I will have my three books with me, and you can
choose which one we will read and discuss. We will also have art and craft activities connected
with the “Letter that transported longing” book.
Hope to see you there for a fun day!If you want to know a little more about my work:
Instagram: @maezonanoinsta
Facebook” @maezonanoface



Joyful Señorita Rita

Review about “Extravaganza Party” at the @thejagodalston. A signature party showcasing Latinx Talent Musicians by @senoritaritauk & @n.e.a_records 

Having no money to do something has never been an excuse for a Latinx to make things happen, and the artists we are writing about today know this first hand.. Being away from home is hard but building a tribe in a foreign city is even more difficult. But, this was overcome by Pepa Duartes and his team during the launch of the Extravaganza Party hosted by “Senorita Rita”.

What it may seem like a Latinx networking at the start of the event soon enough is a welcoming celebration and recognition of citizenship in the same rhythms and bits of vibrant music. Bands such as Alex Etchart ᐩ Vientos, Imperio Bamba, DJ La Contra, and DJ Suma Phayiri, gave the night a special feeling that got the attention of  a private party upstairs that came down to join as couldn’t resist the energy.

This party was also an extraordinary excuse to present the world premiere of “Beautiful Migrant”, a Senorita Rita’s music video that showed the audience the journey of a drag queen arriving to London to become a star. “This character is part of the Senorita Rita’s theatre play, a bio drag queen show defying stereotypical notions about migrant women through comedy, dance, and shamanic rituals”, says @pepaduartes in her Instagram account. You can see the full video on YouTube here. 

That night last April, we were all together under the same flag without political disputes or nostalgic feelings for being away from home. This is the magic of the Latinx people. Can’t wait for the next extravaganza!

Tell me more!

@senoritaritauk is back to London for one night as part of the Calm Down Dear Festival at @camdenpeoplestheatre this next Tuesday 13th of June at 9:00 p.m. Then she will be moving to Sheffield for the Migration Matters Festival 2022 where she will be performing on the Friday 23rd of June. The makeup, design, and details from Pepa Duarte, Senorita Rita’s character, are from @panchouk.  Choreography by @vivi_gabel and Photography by @hectormanchego.   

Review by Cristina Martinez



Tribute from LatAm artists

Chabuca Granda, was an acclaimed Peruvian singer and composer. She created and interpreted a vast number of Criollo waltzes with Afro-Peruvian rhythms.

Below artist from Iberoamerica sing this beautiful song in her honour.

Granda’s song “La Flor de la Canela” has become an anthem for the city of Lima, Peru.

Latino Life In The Park [N4]

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Comida Fest

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Serrat, Sabina e seu caso de amor com a América Latina

No final da década de 1960 começa a história, forçada pelo exílio de Juan Manuel Serrat no México. Foi amor à primeira vista entre o cantor e compositor e nosso povo e cultura.

Para nós que crescemos nos anos 70, suas canções nos acompanham desde os nossos primeiros amores adolescentes e nos fazem refletir sobre dilemas que transcendem fronteiras, como a morte e a liberdade. Mediterráneo foi o seu primeiro álbum emblemático, com o qual aprendemos sobre a Espanha repressiva de Franco, seu mar e suas aldeias brancas, suas utopias juvenis.

Mais tarde vieram suas próprias produções e também musicalizações de extraordinários poetas latino-americanos. Seu trabalho é influenciado por outros poetas , Pablo Neruda (Chile), Eduardo galeano y Mario benedetti (Uruguai) O sul também existe este é seu décimo nono álbum dedicado a poemas do poeta uruguaio. Ele também fez covers de músicas de Violeta Parra (Chile) , Atahualpa Yupanqui (Argentina) e de Victor Jara (Chile). Comprometido e crítico das ditaduras na América Latina, pelas quais Pinochet lhe negou entrada no Chile em 1983

Joaquin Sabina veio mais tarde ao nosso continente, seguindo o caminho iniciado por Serrat. Ele nos trouxe a selvageria e os excessos ... e nós o amamos por isso. Assim como dizemos que Juan Manuel trouxe a poesia para a música, Joaquin nos deu espontaneidade, rebeldia e humor. Nenhum deles é conhecido por seu talento vocal, mas Sabina pode cantar com os mariachis no México ou um tango em Buenos Aires com naturalidade. O público perdoa as bebidas extras no palco e faz ouvidos moucos à notável passagem do tempo que afeta as vozes de ambos.

“19 dias e 500 noites ainda é a música que mais identifica Sabina, e é Barulho é meu favorito. Meu fanatismo assumido por Serra me impede de escolher uma música esta compilação de músicas e você verá que é impossível escolher!

Há alguns anos eles vêm se apresentando juntos, dando shows por todo o continente, unindo música e amizade, entre eles e seu público. O símbolo e a cuate é um documentário que conta essa história de amor entre os artistas e a América Latina

Fomos aos seus concertos como à missa, com a mesma devoção, o primeiro concerto de Serrat na Argentina foi inesquecível, depois da ditadura, com pura emoção cantamos “para la libertad, sangro, lucho, pervivo”, com os olhos cheios de lágrimas

Nunca os sentimos como estrangeiros, fazem parte da nossa história recente, em tempos sombrios, ... esperávamos pela sua voz e palavras que nos acompanhavam e confortavam, quando a poesia guiava a música e a música nos fazia pensar. … ..

Autor: Angelines Yakin