Volunteers meet-up


Latin Hub is led by volunteers and it would not exist without their involvement and continued support. Once in a while, we stop and recognise this.... Thank you!!! 

Ethnic-led organisations discussed BAME

In March 2021, the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities recommended that the government stop using the term BAME and the government is currently considering its response to the Commission's recommendations. This was one of the topics discussed in a focus group about Southwark Council grants funding & BME led community organisations. 

On the 11 of November 2021  members from a wide range of ethnic-led organisations discussed the use of the terminology BAME and whether a more appropriate and meaningful terminology can be used in applying for funding from Southwark Council.  

The overwhelming majority agreed that BAME is a problematic terminology for a number of reasons but there was no consensus about a suitable alternative. 

Latin Hub argued that BAME is problematic mainly because it established hierarchies among the different community groups. However, in the context of funding, we don’t mind being ‘labelled’ as a way of recognising the specific barriers that we face as a community.  

With regards to access to funding we argued that small grassroots organisations can be at a disadvantage because they ‘don’t know where to start’  and suggested that a tool kit explaining the funding streams available, eligibility criteria and calendar of application deadlines will level the playing field between the more experienced fundraisers and the smaller organisations.  Another  mentioned point is the lack of feedback that prevents unsuccessful applicants from improving their bid for the next round. 

Other Latin American organisations also that contributed to the debate were LAWRS, NOVADES and  AYMARA. The need for more co-fund opportunities was also stressed and we hope that we can work together in the future. 

Latin Hub UK welcomes this initiative from Community Southwark and looks forward to continuing to participate to push for change in the right direction. 

Latin Hub UK exhibited in Southwark Heritage Centre


The Latin American community is one of the fastest growing in London making an essential contribution to how the city operates economically, socially and culturally. In her foreword to the report, Paulina Tamborrel, a Citizens UK community organiser from Mexico, said:

“They call us ‘the invisibles’, los invisibles. For all our colours, flavours and rhythms; Latin Americans would expect all before invisibility. We pride ourselves in our joy, musical spirits and loud voices. The grinding reality of being Latin American in the UK has made invisibility a new custom for our community, one that is hard to escape.”

Latin Hub UK is an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit initiative to support Latin Americans in the UK and to promote our cultural heritage. In line with these goals, on the 9th of October we exhibited our work in Southwark Heritage Centre & Library.


During our last year we have gathered stories of courage and resilience from Latin American traders that have been affected by gentrification, covid and all the other barriers that the community faces.

On the ground floor we exhibited the beautiful paintings of Desire Noriega, which illustrated the spirit of our oral interviews. 

It was a great event that connected us with young Southwark residents also concerned with issues of gentrification as well as the wider community.






Art can be a great communicator, but we also accompanied the paintings with a synopsis of the story that inspired the artist, contextualised by the wider challenges that the Latin American community faces related to each story. We also included organisations where members of the community can seek support for a wider rage of issues, from domestic violence to work exploitation.







On the first floor we presented an audiovisual experience, all audio interviews were animated with painting videos combined into a short movie that presented all the trader stories in a series.  Visitors were able to experience first hand the moving stories of resilience and hope.









At the end of the event, a local artist illustrated the day that we captured in the image video.   A big thank you to all visitors who were so positive about our exhibition and project!

Latin Hub UK participated in SLAN Conference


Latin Hub UK, is a project coordinated by IARS aimed at supporting the Latin American community and preserving our cultural heritage. We are also proud members of SLAN, a multi-sector forum of service providers, community organisations, voluntary groups and activists working in the London Borough of Southwark and supporting the Latin American community. 

SLAN aims to articulate a common understanding of issues, needs, goals and solutions, increasing more effective and equal collaborative working, reducing gaps and duplication in programs and improving services for the Latin American community at a local level.


On the 14 of September we presented our project and concerns at the Southwark Latin American Community Conference, a collaborative and collective effort that aimed to present research on community engagement in Southwark with the Latin American community, introduce SLAN, discuss forms of collaboration across sectors, present a set of asks – by the community organisations

LatinHubUK presented in the panel ' Education and Culture, Employment and Welfare Rights'. Despite having good educational backgrounds and high levels of employment, Latin Americans in London are usually employed in low-paid and low-skilled jobs (such as cleaning and hospitality services) with weak labour protection and few opportunities for training and further education.

Source: Maria Soledad Montanez


This event was organised by SLAN in partnership with Community Southwark, with the support of the Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London. 

A big thank you to Maria Soledad Montanez  for her patience and dedication to make this conference a success, by making sure that the community requests get properly registered and a follow up process is put in place so that the event has a real impact on our community. 

SLAN meeting

More information about SLAN and Community Southwark can be found here 

SLAN meeting

More information about SLAN and Community Southwark can be found here 

SLAN meeting

More information about SLAN and Community Southwark can be found here