Latin Hub UK receives funding from the Mayor of London

‘Aqui Estamos’ Exhibition Project has received £5000 from the Mayor of London’s Untold Stories fund,  part of his Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm.

We want to create a contemporary mosaic mural that celebrates the diverse cultural heritage and contributions of Latin Americans to the UK. Bottom-up co-designing will highlight stories of resilience and success dispelling stereotypes that reduce our contributions to the entertainment and hospitality industries. 

The funding is part of the £1m Untold Stories programme to champion diversity in the capital’s public spaces and ensure London’s landmarks and monuments reflect the achievements of all who have contributed to the success of our city. The grants offer Londoners the opportunity to develop ideas and share their stories which will be represented within the public realm.  

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, established the Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm to improve the representation of Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, women, LGBTQ+ communities and Deaf and disabled people and those from a range of socio-economic backgrounds in the public realm.

Romina Lopez, Latin Hub Founder said :We are passionate about promoting visibility of our community because that leads to recognition from institutions and increased opportunities. 


I only get to play Manuel: Why I can’t be Macbeth or Richard III?

Cristina Martinez’s reflections about Playing Latinx, a theatre play directed by MarianaMalena Theatre, a Latin American female-led theatre company based in London.

Speaking Spanish in an English-speaking country can often be a unique and humorous experience. The pronunciation of certain words may produce easy laughter, and some familiar places may give the impression that one has a deep understanding of Latinx culture. However behind the surface, there is complexity and nuance in a rich cultural background, often marked by historical wounds and struggles. 

Playing Latinx is a story about a newly arrived South American actor, who quickly realises he is destined to be cast to play exotic characters – gigolo, thug, cleaner with a funny accent. He thinks he gets showbiz: he moves, speaks, and writes as a stereotypical Latinx person is expected to act. But as he learns to play the game with increasing success, he questions if his behaviour is perpetuating the stereotype. Is he losing his true identity?

Guido Garcia Lueches’s excellent play was recognised by OffComm and it combines poetry, stand-up comedy and  Latin music while exploring Latin American identity in the UK creative industries and, on a more personal level, how far he will go to fit in.  

“The storyline is based on poems and questions Guido had about their experience as a migrant actor”, states Mariana and Malena who directed Guido in “Playing Latinx. “Although centred around the entertainment industry, the journey of this play slips into everyday life and trickles through any migration experience. Playing Latinx is an invitation to feel uncomfortable, to allow yourself to be politically incorrect and vulnerable, to question, and to have a laugh. We hope it reflects the ability of the Latinx community to come together and celebrate even in adversity”, shared Mariana with Camden People’s Theatre BlogYou can see the trailer aquí

As a Latinx creative, I believe it is crucial to have representation in the industry. Having more Latinx representation in creative spaces across London is not only refreshing but also essential. It allows for more authentic and diverse stories to be told, and for Latinx actors to have the opportunity to interpret any character, not just the ones associated with their cultural background.

It is important to break stereotypes and limitations that have been imposed on Latinx actors for too long. It is time for Latinx actors to have the same opportunities as their non-Latinx counterparts and be able to showcase their versatility and range in their performances. I am eager to be part of this moment and contribute to the industry by being a representative of diverse and authentic stories.

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Guido Garcia Lueches is an Uruguayan theatre-maker and poet specialising in devising performance, who focuses on multiculturalism, identity, and the immigrant experience. He has been performing in the UK since 2015 and is the co-founder of the interactive theatre company Say It Again, Sorry? Playing Latinx is his first one-person show. You can find him on Instagram @elguidogarcia doing some interesting roles in OffWestEnd theatre too. 

Playing Latinx was directed by Mariana Malena, an award-winning Latin American female-led theatre company based in London. Founded by Malena Arcucci (Designer/Director) and Mariana Aritstizábal Pardo (Director/Performer) in 2016, it focuses on creating pieces that explore interdisciplinary and horizontal collaboration between artists. Follow @marianamalenatheatre for more updates. 

By Cristina Martinez

First published 30/04/2022 – Last edited 14/02/2023

Latino Life In The Park [N4]

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Comida Fest

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Moving film set in 1950s Rio

The Invisible Life of Eurídice Gusmão (A Vida Invisível) is a 2019 internationally acclaimed film directed by Karim Aïnouz based on the 2016 novel The Invisible Life of Eurídice Gusmão by Martha Batalha.

It is based in Rio de Janeiro during the 1950s, two sisters struggle against repression and bigotry in a patriarchal era.

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Yuli, the documentary of the acclaimed Cuban dancer

Based on Carlos Acosta’s autobiography NO WAY HOME – A CUBAN DANCER’S STORY, it is his own story about growing up in Cuba, becoming a dancer, moving to London and his relationship with his father, his family and his country.

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Latin Hub increasing visibility of Latin Americans

La comunidad latinoamericana es una de las de más rápido crecimiento en Londres haciendo una contribución esencial al funcionamiento económico, social y cultural de la ciudad. En su prólogo al informe, Paulina Tamborrel, organizadora comunitaria de Citizens UK de México, dijo:

“Nos llaman 'los invisibles', los invisibles. Por todos nuestros colores, sabores y ritmos; Los latinoamericanos esperarían todo antes de la invisibilidad. Estamos orgullosos de nuestra alegría, espíritu musical y voces fuertes. La cruda realidad de ser latinoamericano en el Reino Unido ha hecho de la invisibilidad una nueva costumbre para nuestra comunidad, de la que es difícil escapar ".

Latin Hub UK es una iniciativa independiente, no partidista y sin fines de lucro para apoyar a los latinoamericanos en el Reino Unido y promover nuestra herencia cultural. Nuestro sitio web y canales de redes sociales tienen como objetivo integrar todas las actividades dispersas por y para nuestra comunidad, creando un centro que fortalece nuestra identidad y contribuye a un viaje más amplio hacia la visibilidad y el reconocimiento de una de las comunidades de Londres de más rápido crecimiento pero menos apreciadas.

En línea con estos objetivos, el 9 de octubre exhibimos nuestro trabajo en Southwark Heritage Centre & Library. 


Durante nuestro último año, hemos recopilado historias de coraje y resistencia de los comerciantes latinoamericanos que se han visto afectados por la gentrificación, el covid y todas las demás barreras que enfrenta la comunidad.

En la planta baja exhibimos los hermosos cuadros de Desire Noriega, que ilustran el espíritu de nuestras entrevistas orales. 

Fue un gran evento que nos conectó con jóvenes residentes de Southwark también preocupados por cuestiones de gentrificación, así como con la comunidad en general.




El arte puede ser un gran comunicador, pero también acompañamos las pinturas con una sinopsis de la historia que inspiró al artista, contextualizada por los desafíos más amplios que enfrenta la comunidad latinoamericana relacionados con cada historia. También incluimos organizaciones donde los miembros de la comunidad pueden buscar apoyo para una serie de problemas más amplios, desde la violencia doméstica hasta la explotación laboral.




En el primer piso presentamos una experiencia audiovisual, todas las entrevistas de audio fueron animadas con videos de pintura combinados en una película corta que presentaba todas las historias de comerciantes en una serie. Los visitantes pudieron experimentar de primera mano las conmovedoras historias de resiliencia y esperanza.





 Al final del evento, un artista local ilustró el día que capturamos en la imagen del video.   


¡Un gran agradecimiento a todos los visitantes que fueron tan positivos sobre nuestra exposición y proyecto!