Joyful Señorita Rita

Review about “Extravaganza Party” at the @thejagodalston. A signature party showcasing Latinx Talent Musicians by @senoritaritauk & @n.e.a_records 

Having no money to do something has never been an excuse for a Latinx to make things happen, and the artists we are writing about today know this first hand.. Being away from home is hard but building a tribe in a foreign city is even more difficult. But, this was overcome by Pepa Duartes and his team during the launch of the Extravaganza Party hosted by “Senorita Rita”.

What it may seem like a Latinx networking at the start of the event soon enough is a welcoming celebration and recognition of citizenship in the same rhythms and bits of vibrant music. Bands such as Alex Etchart ᐩ Vientos, Imperio Bamba, DJ La Contra, and DJ Suma Phayiri, gave the night a special feeling that got the attention of  a private party upstairs that came down to join as couldn’t resist the energy.

This party was also an extraordinary excuse to present the world premiere of “Beautiful Migrant”, a Senorita Rita’s music video that showed the audience the journey of a drag queen arriving to London to become a star. “This character is part of the Senorita Rita’s theatre play, a bio drag queen show defying stereotypical notions about migrant women through comedy, dance, and shamanic rituals”, says @pepaduartes in her Instagram account. You can see the full video on YouTube here. 

That night last April, we were all together under the same flag without political disputes or nostalgic feelings for being away from home. This is the magic of the Latinx people. Can’t wait for the next extravaganza!

Tell me more!

@senoritaritauk is back to London for one night as part of the Calm Down Dear Festival at @camdenpeoplestheatre this next Tuesday 13th of June at 9:00 p.m. Then she will be moving to Sheffield for the Migration Matters Festival 2022 where she will be performing on the Friday 23rd of June. The makeup, design, and details from Pepa Duarte, Senorita Rita’s character, are from @panchouk.  Choreography by @vivi_gabel and Photography by @hectormanchego.   

Review by Cristina Martinez