We are a volunteer-led initiative committed to supporting initiatives from other Latin organisations for recognition and to other issues concerning our community in the UK.  We are members of SLAN  (Southwark Latin American Network),  a wide range of charities working to improve the quality of life of Latin residents in Southwark.  

In the ’Our Community’ section of our hub where we aim to gather all the support available including front line organisations, campaigns, research, sports, networks, etc. 

We also aim to strengthen our cultural, economic and social links with our home countries by promoting dialogue and cooperation with our diplomatic representations. The  ‘Experience Our Countries’ section of our hub highlights  destinations, events, icons, festivals and much more with the aim of promoting our countries as destinations for all UK visitors.   

We are currently seeking to explore promotional partnerships with other LatAm charities in the UK. For more information please contact Romina at